Prep & Wrap Campaign

Bectu are pushing for the TV Drama Prep and Wrap time to be brought into alignment with the current Major Motion Picture Prep and Wrap time. This is asking for no more than 30 minutes prep and 30 minutes wrap. Although the advice is to push for 30/30 please do negotiate for zero where possible. We are not asking anyone to walk away from any job not willing to offer 30/30 if they are unable to. The more we have this conversation with productions regarding this issue, the more likely we are to push forward with achieving our goals.

This campaign is the 1st step towards eradicating Prep and Wrap fully.

Below is information regarding this campaign. Any questions please email

  • Prep and Wrap limited to a maximum of 30 minutes prep and 30 minutes wrap (30/30)
  • Prep and Wrap to be limited to very specific departments only
  • No ‘aggregation’ – where employers decide that 30/30 can mean that they’re allowed to ask for 60 minutes prep or 60 minutes wrap instead

The main aims of the campaign are as follows:

  • To achieve the mid-term aim of reducing prep and wrap in TV to a maximum of 30:30. This should be the maximum prep and wrap scheduled on film productions (as stated in the Bectu/PACT MMP agreement)
  • To eventually change the way that Prep and Wrap is paid for so that everyone understands that all work is paid, and ‘penalty payments’ are used to encourage employers to reduce the lengh of the working day where they can

To help us achieve these aims we need you to:

  • If you can, challenge productions that try to schedule more that 30 minutes prep and 30 minutes wrap on productions due to start after 6th April 2021
  • If you don’t feel confident about challenging productions in this way, offer a higher rate for a 60 minutes prep and 30 minutes wrap deal
  • Use this reporting tool to tell Bectu what prep and wrap terms you are working to on your current production. Bectu intends to publish a list if productions who are doing the right thing and only asking for 30/30

Further information can be found on the Bectu website here

You can download the campaign poster below: